Clarofy Features: Pi Integration

    Need PI connectivity?  No problem, we've got you covered!
    We are proud to announce that Clarofy can now connect to your onsite PI Historian. We have partnered with Aveva to bring your PI data both securely and seamlessly into Clarofy so you can focus on optimising with data driven decision making.
    OSIsoft is a leader in industrial digital transformation with a comprehensive data infrastructure platform for data ingestion from various industrial sensors using a variety of industrial protocols. Not to mention, OSIsoft systems are deployed across the globe collecting billions of data streams so you can be reassured in your connectivity. 

    Pi Integrator

    If you have a PI Integrator license ready we can help you set it up and create a push model for your data. Data will then be managed on Clarofy's own dedicated tenancy, specific to your needs. A push model is secure and follows best industry practice.

    Aveva Datahub (Communities)

    OSI Cloud Services is now Aveva Data hub. Datahub is designed to handle and share your process historian data securely. Using the new feature 'Community', Datahub gives you full control to share your data how ever you want. Clarofy is designed to consume the data views shared by 'Communities'.
    We'd love to show you how valuable modern technology like this is for a plant. Get in touch book a meeting to find out more. 
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    We are always adding more features to Clarofy, so if there's a specific evaluation (or other!) tool to would like to see included, let us know.



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