Clarofy Features: Exploration

    How to use the Exploration features to pick up relationships and trends in your data


    Exploration Plots: The Exploration Plots page allows you to investigate and discover trends, relationships, inflexion points and other intricacies in your data. You might conclude that you don’t have enough data for a decision. You might conclude that the trend you were after is either not seen in the data or obscured by other stronger trends and some Integration (removing the effect of a certain variable from a KPI) needs to happen.

    Use ‘Add a plot’ button to increase the number of graphs you can see. The default variable will be the first numeric column in your dataset. On each graph you can change the plot type, and if binned, the bin size and starting value. The value that is entered for ‘Bin Start’ does not filter the variable; however it means the first bin will have all the values up until the start value. The 'Create Summary Plot' button allows you to see all your plots in one place, like a dashboard and compare variables with each other.


    The graph above is with the default bin start value of 0. The graph below is the same variables with the bin start value changed to 50, which allows all the data points less than 50 to go into the 50 bin.



    Hope these tips help, and let us know what else you'd like to see in these articles!



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